Can Kids Actually Learn to Read or Improve Their Reading ONLINE?

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You bet they can!

Most of my students enjoy lessons on the computer much more than in-person tutoring. They don’t have to spend time in the car going to and fro, they are in the comfort of their own home, and in general we enjoy the work together.

Another reason it works is because I don’t teach reading the way most schools do! That has already failed your child. Over the years, I’ve created special ways to explain the small details about reading that confuse your child. Every child has different bits that he simply missed in the past. My job is to give them a coping skill to handle each of these.

We use online books. Music, including (clean) rap. Mnemonics. Silly sentences as reminders of the sounds of vowels. We read 1-on-1 and I show them a way to think it through at the very second trouble begins. Tutoring goes very quickly for both of us most of the time!

This stuff can’t be cloned. It can’t be done with a group who learn at different speeds and in different ways. It’s me and your child doing what works for him, tackling the small things, then eventually the larger issues.

Most kids who struggle have already failed or done poorly using the same old methods. They’ve had enough. They’re sick of it. Often they’ve shut down completely, and are sullen, unhappy, and refuse to read anything. I do all I can to change those feelings, both about themselves and about reading.

Why my work matters so much to me

I care because it’s a terrible situation for the child and the family. It breaks parents’ hearts, and it crushes the souls of children. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to. I have worked wonders, and hope to work many more. At the very least, I want to help YOU find ways to make a difference for your precious child.

Maybe it would help you decide if you read some letters from actual parents whose kids worked with me.

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  1. Denise Harris says:

    Please send me info on the free 3 lessons. I am also interested in the online tutoring for my struggling third grader.

    Thank you,
    Denise Harris

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