How to pay for lessons

After the initial free lessons, my prices are:

25% off for the first two weeks:  

$26.25 per half hour

This price is effective for 14 days, as many times a week as you wish.

After the first two weeks: 

$35 per half hour

Lessons should be prepaid through Paypal. It has a good reputation for security and reliability. If you aren’t comfortable paying online, we can work out payment by check, in advance.

How to use Paypal

Go to Paypal and create an account. Click on Send Money.

paypal arrow

There is a simple form there. You’ll have my email from our correspondence about your child. Paypal Help is very useful for any questions you may have about using the service.

All fees are paid by me. You’ll pay only for the lessons your child will have.



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  1. Beth says:

    th grade. Hi Ms Paula,

    My name is Beth and I have a 15 year old son “Bobby” who is in 9th grade. Bobby has minor autism PDD to be more specific. Bobby is reading at a first grade level. He is a bright kid and very smart. He can talk and walk and do just about anything the other kids can do except for read. he is really struggling and so are we. can you help him.

    • Tracy Davenport says:

      Wow Beth your son and my son are so much alike . We should chat sometime .
      I was wondering myself if she could help my son. Our son is 13 on autism spectrum very smart can do anything with building ,mechanics heavy , equipment etc… But can not read he just finally learned letters . Very high functioning and athletic . Please help us answer this noble prize question can you help these boys . We have tried almost everything . Thankyou Tracy

  2. Trudi says:

    Two of my 3 kids have a lot of trouble reading and one has extreme trouble spelling as well. Please email me privately regarding your services. Much Thanks, Trudi

  3. Patricia Marston says:

    my daughter S’Vaughnya is 10 year old in 4 grade, she have a problem in reading, and understanding what she read, how to write essay, call me at 305/766/9835 or email me about your service and cost. thanks, patricia

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