15 Signs That Your Kid May Have Reading Problems

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Is my child a struggling reader?

This list describes some of the issues that many struggling readers have. Do any of them sound like your child? If so, there are answers.

(If your child is just beginning to read, these are normal! I’m talking here about a child you already suspect may be in trouble.)

15 Signs of a Struggling Reader

The child:

  • has learned to read a little, but isn’t improving
  • can’t remember the shape of the letters
  • can’t remember what sounds the letters make
  • can’t retell a story after reading it, even though she read it and it sounded fine. She didn’t understand it.
  • can’t answer questions about what he read
  • skips little words, and adds in words that aren’t on the page
  • begins to guess instead of trying to decode or sound out words
  • doesn’t know how to sound out words
  • stumbles, stops, loses her place, or starts over again and again
  • is beyond first grade but doesn’t understand combinations of letters that make different sounds  (ch, ea, th, ph, ie,  and many more )
  • mixes up letters that are similar, such as b, d, p, and q, and/or words such as ‘was’ and ‘saw’
  • can’t remember sight words (words that are used constantly, but are spelled irregularly)
  • seems to have no idea what reading is for
  • hates reading in any form and won’t have anything to do with it

These signs usually indicate that your child is having reading difficulties. Some are easy to fix, once they are identified. Others will take more time. But all can be helped.

What can I do?

If you decide that your child really does need extra reading help, above and beyond what your school is doing, it’s time to get it. Delays never help.

Try my two free reading lessons, and see if your child needs extra assistance. If your child is fine, and you are worrying for no reason, I’ll be so very happy to tell you to relax!

If not, I’ll give you tips and strategies to correct the reading problems at home when the three free lessons are finished, or help you find out how to look for help online.

It can’t hurt, and it probably will help. Don’t worry. NO commitment involved.

I hope to hear from you. 🙂

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