Engage Your Child in Reading | A Tip for Turning Kids On


little baby giraffe standing next to his motherWant to have some fun reading? Even if your child doesn’t really seem to enjoy it, this just might turn the trick. (Maybe even if he hates it!)

Visit the San Diego Zoo site! Why?

Because it’s filled to the gills with awesome cool FUN FACTS about every animal under the sun! For example, did you know that giraffe babies are born and immediately fall 6 feet to the ground and land on their heads?

Nope, I didn’t either. But they do! (That’s as high as a tall grown man!) Do you know why that’s a good thing?

Did you know their tongues are BLUE??

Scroll down a bit on the zoo page to see lots more cool fun stuff (facts) about giraffes. Or search for other great mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and more!

If your child doesn’t get interested in hearing you read the facts to him, ask him for his favorite animal. Type it into the search box and find it. Hopefully there will be some awesome interesting details about your child’s best ever creature.

Or maybe—here’s an idea! After looking at the Fun Facts for a few animals, let him invent his very own animal. Anything in the world he can imagine! He can make up lots of fun facts about that one, I’m sure. Write down the things he says, exactly as he says them.

Then (if he wants to) let him illustrate it. Put a sentence on each page, or a few sentences if he only wants to draw one or two. Either way, SAVE it. You and he will come back to read these things you write together often in the future, for painless reading practice.

Most kids want to read their own work again and again. And truthfully? It’s a terrific way to get them reading! Anything that works? I’ll take it. 😉

This will make a perfect book for reading at bedtime, in the car, or any other time he wants to see his very own reading materials and you have a few minutes to spare.

If you do visit and he likes it? Please let us know! Keep in touch. 🙂 We love stories about kids who enjoy reading experiences.

And you might win a free bag of books! Comment if you want to enter. 😀

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