Read Free Halloween Books with Your Child and Help Others Too!

creepy Halloween banner for free books

Wowza! What a goldmine I found today at WeGiveBooks, an online free book resource for parents and teachers. The beauty of the whole thing is that for every book you read online, you’re also giving a book to a child or school in need! It’s a true win/win situation, isn’t it?

Without further ado, these are some of the spooky, funny books that are available at Halloween time at We Give Books:

goodnight-goon-a-petrifying-parody book cover

The pictures alone in this book are well worth enjoying together with your child. And the take-off on Goodnight Moon is hilarious to kids familiar with that old bedtime favorite. Even my readers with problems found it to be great fun! Some of them have asked to read it again and again. And as we know, rereading is one of the best things a child can do to truly gain mastery of reading. I’m one happy camper! 🙂


many marvelous monsters orange and green book cover

Great tongue-twisters and some challenging words in this short, fun book on monsters in a talent show. My struggling readers have loved it, one and all, and age didn’t matter a bit!


skippyjon-jones-in-mummy-trouble book cover

Skippyjon Jones books are either loved or hated by my kids. It does require some background knowledge (or a lot of chatting about the topics mentioned in it) but either way, if you haven’t met him yet, you must! A great character in children’s book series offerings. 🙂


bug-out-the-worlds-creepiest-crawliest-critters book cover

A science book in the guise of a Halloween scarefest! A really good read for your bug-crazy trick-or-treater.


curse-of-the-crocodile-god book cover for graphic novel

A graphic novel for more advanced readers. It was just right for some of my older students. Graphic novels have great appeal to kids with reading problems, because the large number of pictures take away their usual fear: “Oh, no! Too many words!”

So get yourselves over there ASAP! At least a few of these books will appeal to your own reader, troubled or not. These are regular kids books that will delight a wide crowd.

And do sign in to take part. Every book you read results in a book donated to a school, library or child who need books desperately.

It’s an organization that is good for everyone involved with the books they offer. I’m so excited to be able to tell you about this! Enjoy.

Oh, and one more thing:


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  1. myeck says:

    I can see pics of the books but where do we click to read???

  2. Yumigee says:

    These are great books . good for children .

    • Paula Lee Bright says:

      Yumigi, I’m so glad your child is going to enjoy them! My students and I had a real blast with them!


  3. Alyssa says:

    My son will surely love that books! I will surely buy those copies.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Paula Lee Bright says:

      No need to buy them, Alyssa! They’re free online. 😀

      Still, I hope you two enjoy them. Or more of you, if you have several kids! 😀

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