Free Online Reading Lessons for Struggling Readers at Christmas

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It’s Christmas time…but you’re worried about your child’s reading. This can become such a big problem that it can cast a pall over the holidays. I know how it feels.

That’s why this is the perfect time to do something about it. What better gift could you give than a real way to improve your son’s or daughter’s reading?

Now, agreed, they probably won’t consider it a very appealing offer on Christmas Day! So I’m not suggesting you put a note under the tree that you’re getting them reading lessons with an expert. I can just see the horrified looks you’d receive! 😉 That would bring up the whole unhappy reading issue on a day that should be about love, peace, and family!

But as a gift to you, for your peace of mind, and to your child, even if they don’t realize it . . . why not decide to make a change for the better and start lessons with an experienced teacher/tutor who can lead you both to happier times? Leave the reading battles and struggles behind, and let me help you solve the problems.We can postpone the sessions until January if you like, easy peasy!

Wouldn’t that be a big relief, to have someone take the burden off your shoulders for a while? I’d like to try.

Here is what I offer:

I’ll be happy to work with him or her for a full lesson on Skype to see what the situation is. Then I’ll provide two more free lessons to try hopefully help a bit. After that, I’ll send you a write-up of what I’ve discovered.

Perhaps your school has said that you need to work more at home. But  you are wondering how to do so when your child fights you all the way. That hurts the relationship itself, which nobody wants.

My tutoring most definitely counts as “help at home,” provided by you. It can’t hurt, and it might help. (You can hear from parents who’ve been happy with my work in these testimonials.)

Should you see real improvement and want to have more lessons, I’m offering them at 25% off for a full month. That’s a lot of savings. 🙂

What’s the hitch?

There really isn’t one. Honestly, you are not committing to using me as a tutor or anything else. It’s entirely free. I think that parents need and deserve a more easy-to-understand and less school-oriented version of what can be done for their child.

In other words, if the school can’t or won’t help your child, they’re really not going to tell you about the fact that they should. With budget cuts running rampant, tons and tons of school services have been cut, especially reading programs.

Why hasn’t the school solved the problem?

Truthfully, many schools don’t know how to help. That’s shown by the large number of children in 4th grade in our country who can’t read at grade level. If all schools knew what to do, this wouldn’t be the case.

Additionally, many schools can’t afford to hire the people trained in solving reading problems. Many of those experts have been let go. Schools are hurting right now, and it shows.

What about homeschoolers?

Homeschoolers, I work with your kids too. I admire your courage and strength in taking on this enormous task, and know that you often do a far better job than many schools do. But I also know that one reason some of you choose to homeschool is because your child has issues that often involve reading. If that is your situation and you’re finding it hard to get a handle on it, I’m making you the same offer.

Why you should say yes to my offer

Please consider it if you’re worried or scared about your child’s learning. Truthfully, I succeed with most children I help. There are almost no exceptions. I think it would be worth your time to get the information I can give you, even if you’ll never use my services.

Yes. I want to learn more about my child’s problems. What should I do?

Contact me with your child’s age, grade, and a brief note about your worries, or what the school has told you is wrong. I’ll get back to you within a day. You won’t regret it. 😀

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. If you might need my help down the road, but don’t want to look into it now, you could sign up for my newsletter to receive updates on things to try at home, and future freebies or specials. 🙂

I wish you, your young reader, and all the families out there who are struggling with this problem a very happy Christmas, or a very joyous holiday season. I know how hard this can be on a family. And I am so hoping to be able to help you with your situation! Happy holidays!

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  1. Norma Minter says:

    My 9 year old read well at home but his teacher send him with 2nd grade reading home work. I talked to his teacher she tells me he has a 2nd grade reading level. he has been trying to catch up he hate reading. I don’t know what to he is really trying his best he is good at all other subjects.

  2. Jill Dippel says:

    My daughter who just turned 8 this month has a hard time reading at grade level (3rd gr). Also, some days she seems to do well and other days it is a srtuggle. Makes up sounds and puts letters in the work that are not there. She wants to do good and does not give a hard time with working at it. Not scoring good on testing due to this issue. Hope you can help.

  3. Ann says:

    Paula, all three of my children had trouble reading and I figured out that they needed help with short vowel sounds. We did some phonics and all three became much stronger readers. My weakest one was my adopted son. I didn’t work with him until the summer before he went into 9th grade. He was in a special reading class and the teacher literally kicked him out. He was a handful and a bored handful was too much.

    I think what you are doing is great. I used to dream of tutoring maybe 5 kids in high school at a time, but I never tried to get them to come up with such a plan. Now the schools do have tutoring in school and still kids are not learning.

    I hope that you are able to make a go of this.

  4. Lynn Brown says:

    What a wonderful offer you are making Paula for families. Reading is so important and as you say, if the schools are not able to help your child, then other avenues should be considered.

    My son was a very good reader in school. In fact, he would get his reading and homework done quickly and be able to help others. At first, some teachers thought him to be disruptive, but then they agreed (after we had parent teacher confernce) that by allowing him to help others, he can better relate to the kids, which he did.

    Whatever way kids can learn should be supported. So congrats to your Paula for doing this and you are making a difference in kids lives.

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