Death of the New York Times Will Be Painful, But…

I read this tonight on and felt I need to pay homage…

The Times has been a good friend to me for many years.

I am saddened.

I am struck with grief.

I am heartbroken.

I am ready.

It’s been a long, slow fall for the biggest icon of our time of print media.

I can’t believe my nieces, nephews and students will never hold that tight bundle, will never breathe in that inky scent, and never feel the frisson of opening the best newspaper in the world…shaking it out and arranging it just so…

But…nor will I forget the first time I got it in it’s full glory on the glowing screen. The sheer ability to share with friends, family and students, the hugeness kof it, the never-ending delights.

Things change. History. Tempus fugit. I am getting old.

It’s the Times, and I hope it rolls like a river. On and on…

And on.

RIP, beloved friend.

God save the Times!

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  1. Paula says:


    Heaven forbid!

    Or almost as disturbing, “Did I just LOSE $400??????”

  2. Miller Finch says:

    I will really miss the big ol’ Sunday Times, with all its wonderful sections, the Book Review, the Magazine, and my fingers covered in dusty black ink, sometimes my mouth too from wetting my fingers to turn the pages.

    A New Yorker, we always got the Sunday Daily News with the comics for us kids and the NYT for the parents. Wanting to be a ‘big kid’ and loving reading, I started reading the New York Times from 2nd grade onward. I haven’t stopped since. It is my source for real news. Nothing else comes close.

    I truthfully haven’t bought the actual paper in some time, preferring the mobile app or website, buying the paper when special magazine editions come out, so perhaps I too am to blame for its revenue decline.

    I am sorry New York Times.

    • Paula says:

      Hi, Miller!

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, I remember having ink stains on my face from our local paper, The St. Louis Post Dispatch! It too is now just a sad reflection of itself. Those black marks on our faces were proof of our being real readers, able to understand things that BIG people read too. Wasn’t it grand?

      I’d love to have my kids (students, actually!) experience that feeling.

      I’m jealous that you had the Times at your fingertips. Lucky girl! Sunday comics. What a memory.

      Don’t feel bad about not buying the paper. You’re just dealing with the times—ew, bad pun!—as they are today. It’s a wired up world, isn’t it? I live online!

      But I do still prefer to read my books offline, feeling real paper. I’m not going to take my iPad into the tub with me. 😉 There’s something I love about not having any distractions while I read a good long novel.

      Getting comfy, in robe and slippers, and cuddling up with my dog for a good long read. Ahhhhh…

      I hope the “old days” don’t completely vanish totally!

      • Miller Finch says:

        The picture of soaking in the tub or sitting out on the front porch with a soft breeze and holding an electronic reading device just doesn’t fit the ‘comfort’ of reading a paper book. Paper is much more warm and friendly. Plus, I don’t want to find out that if I drop an IPad in the tub, will I get electrocuted??

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