Dyslexia: A Story of Hope for Children with Reading Difficulties

a happy successful dyslexic

I was thrilled to read this success story about a young lady in Florida. I think it will show you just how much can be accomplished despite dyslexia or other reading problems.

I’m constantly amazed by how well children can cope once we find a way to break through their struggles and provide help and support.

Note that she had the poor hand-eye coordination and the inability to identify letters that are mentioned so often here.

Megan nearly failed kindergarten and struggled for the next three years, especially in spelling and math. Finally, her third-grade teacher suggested testing her for dyslexia. An exam revealed Diffey’s word-processing speed was slower than that of a typical kindergarten student, though she had the oral communication skills of a 12th-grader.

As a toddler, Diffey displayed extremely poor hand-eye coordination, according to her mother, Julie Diffey. The girl showed no interest in books and remained unable to identify letters or to write her name after two years in preschool.

Read the rest of this inspiring story that will give hope to parents and children struggling similarly to Megan. It gave me very happy chills.

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