A Child With Reading Problems? Try The Online Tutor

angry little girl is hostile over reading troubles

It’s a new school year, and everyone is looking forward to it!

But not you and your troubled reader. You are both miserable because you know she is walking into her new classroom unprepared. She couldn’t read well enough to do the work last year, much less the harder work coming up now. Or worse yet, maybe she can’t read at all.

It’s a nightmare, isn’t it?

I have an unusual approach to teaching reading; it’s a very different style than schools usually use. I work with many alternative techniques to find the missing keys to a child’s reading issues. Very often a fresh start with me is all a child needs to get back on the road to success.

If you and your child are serious about finding help, I have a valuable offer for you. Have you considered online tutoring with a professional reading teacher? I’ve created an inexpensive way for you to try it out and see what you think.

My offer to you

I’ll give your childa free lesson, so you can observe us working together, to see how your child responds to me. This also gives me the chance to find out whether I can help or not. If not, I’ll tell you so up front.

If you decide to give tutoring a try after the free session, I offer two weeks of lessons at 25% off, no matter how many lessons you schedule. You’re not committed at any time, and can stop whenever you wish.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll feel good because you’re actively looking for answers to a very big problem that your child lives with every day.
  • We may find a new style of learning and reading that makes sense to your child, that isn’t confusing and upsetting.
  • It’s very likely your child’s reading will improve with what we discover.

And just think—no hassles with driving to lessons and waiting around for it to end, or bad weather causing you to miss lessons. You can even be at work when your child works with me!

To learn more details about lessons, see my FAQ.

Here’s to your child’s future success in reading and in life!

Check my prices here.

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  1. Jarrett says:

    I want to know on how I can improve in my reading. As a student, I would like to try out a demo if possible. I got to fifth grade and am going to take the New York State test like next week. I don’t know what I am going to do. Please tell me some important guidelines that I should consider during taking the test. Also, the test is timed. I need some procedures that will help me quickly and help me get hints to finding the solution. Thank you in advance!

  2. Neshia says:

    Please contact me at 310 714 4484 regarding reading lessons for my first grader

  3. Tiffany says:

    My daughter is dyslexic. We have been homeschooling for a little over a year now and I have seen some improvement but it is still very slow. I wonder if you would be able to help her at all? She is 15 and we are currently working in a 6th grade reading workbook and a 4th grade language arts workbook. The public school system really did nothing to help her and I am afraid I will not be able to help her get up to level so she can graduate on time.

  4. Joshef says:

    Hey Paula, your are doing a great job. Well there are so many people on net who do the same thing but they charge for it. I will recommend more and more people to join you for this noble cause.

  5. emma says:

    My reading skills are going to improve

  6. Hajra says:

    Hey Paula,

    This is such a praiseworthy effort, passing this around so that people might benefit.

  7. Paula Lee Bright says:

    Hi, Roberta. Very incisive question! In some cases, parents are not able to read well, but that doesn’t mean that their child can’t be a good reader. If they understand that reading is important, they can turn to others in their family and circle of friends to read with the child. In other cases, the children don’t have experience with books, it’s true.

    That’s not the only reason for reading failure by any means. Many kids who’ve been read to all their lives have problems. Non-readers or struggling readers can have a huge variety of causes. I’ve helped quite a few children past the “block” to their reading, and I still can’t precisely define how they got into trouble.

    This situation exists in every social level, from poverty to the very wealthy, and excellent readers can be found across the board as well. Family literacy is a very important factor in “growing” a reader.

  8. If parents are unable to help their children read is it because they are unable to read?
    Your offer is fantastic, Let’s get everyone reading and then perhaps other good things could happen

  9. What a great opportunity and offer, Paula! I especially love your commitment to this. Your passion for teaching shows. =) Excited to share this post! =)

    • Paula Lee Bright says:

      I am committed, that’s for sure. 🙂 You’re so kind to come by and tell me that, Samantha. I want to make contact with as many folks as possible and give them some tools to work with. Bless your heart for sharing!

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