How I Revived My Teaching Career and Found Happiness Too

I was thinking sad thoughts one day, since I wasn’t able to teach at the time. One day I came across a site called 43things. The question it asked was:

What do you want to do with your life?

Well, I must say it gave me pause! I thought. And thought.

I was unhappy, frustrated, and missing a classroom of my own.

And suddenly I realized what I wanted! I wrote it all out hurriedly, and immediately set to work! Little did I know that work would take forever, and still be a work in progress every day when I awoke.

And yet—that’s exactly what teaching school is!

If you’re curious what my idea was, you can read about it here.

In essence, I want to help kids read. I want to do it online.

And I’m really good at it, too!

I hope and pray it succeeds, and that I’m able to help a lot of children who have reading difficulties, disabilities, or just plain reading problems.

The schools would say that that is not possible. First I’d need to test, and then—

Ha! I say, look around you! Illiteracy is soaring, we have children dropping out right and left, and still all we do is test, test, test!

No more for me! I’m embarking on a journey of my own. Any child or parent who comes to me in need will get the best I have to give.

I will do my utmost to improve your child’s reading, and, in the process, his or her life and future dreams.

Reading is the key.

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  1. Hajra says:

    Hey Paula,

    Found you!
    I am so happy with what this site is dedicated to. Coming from a country where illiteracy still remains a major issue to be tackled, I admire your efforts. I still need to figure out how we can help, if we can.

    A very nice effort. You should be sharing this with the TLC Club!

  2. I Write says:

    Hey Paula, this is a wonderful site. You are going to do great things for many parents and kids. I don’t think you’re ‘playing in the sandbox’ after all. You seem to have both passion and very clear goals for what you want to achieve. I wish you the very best as you launch the videos in January.

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