Meet Mo Willems and His Easy Reader Story Books!

cover of happy pig day by mo willems

A true favorite of children and parents, Mo Williams’s “The Pigeon” won hearts all around the world. Does your child know him?

If your child is a beginning reader, or if she is having trouble learning the basics, the Elephant and Piggy series are terrific for learning to read. They have short little phrases as text, and sometimes just a word. The plot is revealed through the pictures rather than the words, so reading each page is doable for most kids, especially if you use echo reading.

If you’d like to meet Mo, or get to know him better, click below and scroll down to view a really charming—and very silly!—video. I think he’s cool enough that the kids would enjoy it too. I wonder if The Pigeon will show up?

Meet Mo Willems and His Easy Reader Series!

If you’d like to read more about Mo, The Pigeon, Knuffle Bunny, and Mo’s many other books, check him out here.

Which Mo Willems title does your child like best?

images via Mo Willems Site

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