Does Your Child Have a Reading Problem? Let’s Talk on Facebook!

Free tips for your slow reader

I’ve been pondering how to get a discussion going between me, my fellow teachers of struggling readers and kids who can’t read at all, and the parents of those same kids.

It’s hard to do! I’ve been trying for months.

But I never give up, not on these kids! So here I am, trying again.

This time I’m asking you to visit my Facebook page. I’m hoping that maybe some parents will feel more comfortable there. I know so many people love it (I do too!) and feel at home there.

That’s fine by me. I just want to talk about the things that I know are worrying the parents of my kids. My students. The kids who are not learning to read to their fullest potential at school.

I’m not blaming anyone, and I’m certainly not blaming parents! My dream is an open discussion where my teachers and I can share what we’ve discovered, interested folks can ask questions or add ideas, and hopefully some moms and dads will even make specific requests for lessons that I can provide here, through video, slideshows, articles or _________. I’m open to suggestions!

I am so anxious to talk with you. Consider participating, won’t you? It would make my day.

And it might even make yours. Picture this: Your child can begin to succeed at reading.

Now doesn’t that sound sweet?

Check it out on my Your Child Will Read Facebook page,  then click on Discussions.

I truly hope to see you there! If not today, then maybe down the road. I truly believe your child would be happy about it.

I’m Paula to you.

But I’m Miss Bright to your kiddo! Great to meet you. See you there.




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