Summer Reading Tutor Schedule for Kids With Reading Problems

scheduling tutor for summer reading lessons

Quite a few students have already begun, but that won’t be a problem for scheduling your child at all. You can begin the tutoring at any point in time, even mid- or late-summer.

And I’ll still be here teaching when the school year begins, so if you decide not to schedule now, bookmark this for the fall, in case your child needs help.

I’m always delighted to accept new students.

The FAQ will answer most questions that parents have. Contact me to make arrangements for your two free sessions.

Free Chances for Summer Reading Program

How Will You Teach My Child ONLINE??

How Does the Whole Reading Tutor Set-Up Happen?

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  1. Michelle Nichols says:

    I have a son who is 10 just got promoted to the 5th grade. He struggles real hard to read. He has IEP in place and has a helper with him throughout his day at school. I would like to know what can I do to help him learn to read. I also like to know what test I can give him to see his level in reading.

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