If She Doesn’t Know the Alphabet But She Loves Star Wars…

This information is taken directly from The Star Wars Alphabet @ WildAmmo.com. The only reason I’ve “borrowed” it is so that you can take a look at a letter and see if it’s something that might be helpful for your kid. 😀

Instructions in how to use it are beneath the picture.

Mind you, these are capitals only, and that will not help if your child’s issue is with lower case letters. But it would be a fun way to review the alphabet anyway!

The characters in Star Wars are some of the most recognizable figures in the world, thanks to the fame of the original trilogy, the infamous prequel trilogy, the large number of videogames, spinoffs, books and other popular culture influences.  With the characters introduced throughout the various media, there are plenty of unique and original characters as well as names.

So, in this creative collection, you’ll see how to learn the alphabet…Star Wars style!

When you visit the site, click on the A picture. When you’ve looked at it and talked about it, just click again and it will take you to B, then click for C, etc. That’s much easier than scrolling down the page, and it hides the rest of the text and ads, etc.

If it helps your child, or even if he just enjoys it, please do tell me about it in the comments below. You might help another parent.  And thank Wild Ammo while you’re there, too!

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