Tips for Struggling Readers from the Online Reading Tutor

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  • Did you know that the amount of talk and discussion that goes on in a home is directly related to a child’s vocabulary and reading ability? And to discuss books you read with the child (often!) can DOUBLE the chances for success. COOL!
  • Give your child time to think about a story, and then ask him or her about it again a few days later. This exercises their “long term memory” (or long term recall) and helps them learn and retain knowledge in any subject as they come across it.
  • Make connections. When you’ve read about something in a story and later see something that reminds you of it, mention it to your child and make the connection between them. This shows your child how to make connections too, and gets those neural pathways forged and reinforced in the brain. Result? A kid who can find connections all around him, which helps build knowledge and understanding.


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  1. blake says:

    hi i saw your site and needed to ask you i am concerned my girlfriend is havin trouble remembering,learning,and focusing on what she reads she is very smart she loves science biology and i bought her greys anatomy as a gift she wants to be a doctor and i can see how she kinda glows when she really gets into a topic so to ask my question is this why is she not able to remember the kind of stuff schools teach kids lately also she is supposed to do alot of online school i would love any advice i love her and when i see her light up its just beautiful 😉 i wanna do anything i can to help her get to college for what she wants thank and i wanna say im glad someone like you does this for our children thank you from our future generations that pass on our knowledge .

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