Echo Reading | One Sure Thing To Help Slow Readers

running a race to read faster

Use this tip to:

  • Increase reading speed
  • Improve sight word accuracy
  • Gradually lead to better understanding or comprehension

Here is one technique that is very easy to implement.

Have you heard about “echo reading?”

This helps a child to gradually gain reading speed, and to recognize words on sight more quickly, if practiced every day.

Ask your child to select a book that has only a few lines or less per page. Make sure it is a book she likes a lot!

Before you begin reading, ask your child to tell you something in the story that she enjoys. This is to get her thinking about the plot and reminding her of the words she’ll be seeing as you and she read.

Read the first sentence to her, with expression (feel free to use your finger to point to the word as you say them). Then ask her to read the very same sentence, just as you did.

Move on to the next, and the next. If she wants to talk about something, good! Discussion is excellent for increasing comprehension. When ready, continue reading each line, with her echoing you afterwards.

Over time this will build speed, or fluency, and will help with understanding what she reads as well.


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