Your Child Can’t Read? Welcome to the Nightmare.

As a teacher and tutor of children who can’t read, or don’t read well, I am terribly familiar with the heartbreak and hurt of the kids themselves, and their parents’ suffering as girl can't read book because she was left behind and didn't get reading help she needed well, when they face the pain of failure, repeating a grade, or as kids really call it, flunking, and watching friends move on, as they lose ground in school at an ever-increasing pace.

I came across this letter from a mom, Angie Sykes, who tells eloquently of the tears, trials and tribulations she and her son have gone through because he “slipped through the cracks” on reading. The article is titled, tragically, “One Child…Still Left Behind.” [Link is dead. Darn it!]

It was a sad, sad story of the spiral downward for a child who isn’t helped when he needs it, early on.

This is why I do what I do. This is why my work is so rewarding to me. I can help. And often do.

For that, I will be forever grateful. It’s a tragic but very common story.

If you think I can help your child as an online reading teacher, contact me now.


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