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An online reading tutor to solve your child’s reading problems—Anywhere, USA.

I can teach just about any child to read—online!

And if he can’t read well, I can almost certainly help him read better.

Tutoring online is great because you have:

  • no journeys back and forth to a “franchise” store
  • no waiting while your child’s lesson takes place
  • no gas used
  • ongoing personal support through email

Sounds really easy, doesn’t it? It is! Go ahead.You can read about my prices here.

Contact me if you think a professional reading teacher with 30 years experience might be able to help your struggling reader.

More about me

I’m Paula Lee Bright, and I’ve been teaching children to improve their reading since 1986, when I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in Elementary Education.

My Mission

For years I’ve dreamed of finding a way to help more children than I could reach in my classroom and private tutoring each year.mission of tutor teacher is to help students who need help reading writing school work

Your Child Will Read is the culmination of all my experiences and all the lessons I’ve learned from individual kids and groups of children with a great variety of reading needs.

You see, for every single reader I invented many ways to get past each and every phonics or comprehension glitch that he or she faced as they worked to become successful readers and writers.

This has left me with an overwhelmingly large number of personalized techniques, tips and tricks for every letter, every phoneme or sound, every problem word, and onward up to every kind of comprehension difficulty or problem that I came across.

A happy young boy is reading curled up in a cubby.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about my methods or your own child’s situation.  I’m ready to get things going for you!

At last your child’s learning can be in your hands. Why hesitate?

Contact me.


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  1. Sue Ogden says:

    My godson, Taelor, needs your help. He is an adopted, smart nine-year old who refuses to do homework. He has never much liked going to school, and it is getting worse and worse. He has moved a great deal in his young life and has a hard time making friends. As a young boy learning to read, he was always behind on his sight words, etc. I tried to help with homework when he was younger, but did not get a lot of support/follow through from his family. Now in 4th grade, he is earning a D is reading! He loves playing Mine Craft and games on his xbox and I have convinced his family to use his “screen” time as an incentive to complete work. I am semi-retired and live 2 hours from him. My husband and I are willing to drive to help him once or twice a week and reward him with an outing after we work. In my search for material to use with him for our study-time, I found your website. I WOULD LIKE HIM TO BE IN YOUR TEST PROGRAM, AT NO CHARGE. Please contact me if you can help in any way. I know how important knowing how to read well will be throughout his educational journey. Thanks!!!

  2. crystal says:

    Single parent of a 7 1/2 yr old boy whobhas speech delays. I.e.p.s but still needs improvements. I would love to be in thectest program

  3. Sirtaria says:

    I would live for my son to be in the test phase of the online program . His name is Tion he is a 5th grader reads on a 1.4 grade level has a iep and is going to 6th grade.. help.. a concerned mom..

  4. bhargavi says:


    My daughter puts lot of effort on her homework, reading. Still she gets very poor grades. Her comprehensive skills are poor, spellings are very bad, now she is 8th grade but she gets tired after reading for 15 mins. And needs constant help completing her homeworks. Her Grade 7 EOG English achievement was ‘1’ on 5. Need your help to identify issues and sort out her problems.

  5. Aurora armas says:

    I’m a desperate mother seeking help for my 9 year old son. It’s very painful for both my son and I when it comes to reading. He has developed a negative attitude about reading. He can’t understand why he struggles so much when he reads daily. He has been receiving academic assistance at school with very little growth. He has been diagnosed with adhd and gets very figity when it comes to reading. Unfortunately I don’t have the means to provide him with the proper help. I want to be part of the test program at no charge.

  6. Betsy Triplett says:

    My son is 8. He has been reading fluently since he was 5. He does not like to read and will avoid it at all costs. I found your website and one of the quotes seems very familiar “It sounds like he reads very well—but he doesn’t understand a word of it.” I have had him tested extensively on 2 occasions. The first time, the diagnosis was that he has problems with Visual/Verbal Integration “that he would benefit from work to stabilize the ability to integrate sensory information with verbal stimuli through the stimulation and expressive description of mental imagery.” Basically, they believed that he does not make pictures when he reads so he is having trouble getting the big picture. He spent 98 hours (2 hours/day 5 days/wk) with their professionals working on imaging sentences and understanding the main idea. At that point, they told me he was perplexing. He was making some progress but not what they expected. While very discouraged, I was not surprised because I did not see any real changes or improvement over almost 10 weeks. They suggested I go to a psychologist because they thought something else was going on but couldn’t figure out what. A psychologist tested him for 8 hours over 3 days (3+3+2). She basically told me he “is consistently inconsistent” which is essentially what I told her when we met. She too seemed perplexed by my son. She thought he had some attention issues but not diagnosable as ADHD, that he may benefit from some working memory training but he doesn’t exactly fit that mold either. So, I’m a little at a loss. I have a wonderful son who is very bright but clearly has something that disconnects when he tries to read. The more words there are on the page the more overwhelmed he becomes and it’s as if there is a mental block. She seemed surprised when she gave him the single spaced page of questions he was supposed to answer about himself that would indicate whether he had ADHD and he was overwhelmed by it and did not get through it. It is frankly the most questions and answers you can physically fit on a page – overwhelming to many people I would guess. To me though, it should be another clue to unlocking the safe that thus far has a tight hold on his ability to understand what he is reading and at times what is being said to him. If any of this sounds familiar or makes any sense to you, I would love and greatly appreciate help. Sincerely, Betsy

    • Paula says:

      This makes perfect sense to me, and I’ve seen the same result so many times!

      I’d like to offer you (him, actually!) a couple free visualization sessions with me. Let me know some days and times in the afternoon that would be convenient for you, or early evening if you’re at work in the day.

      You can email me at paula_lee_bright at charter dot net.

      I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

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